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Rundo 3D Ferret Land Patch 5.2 has been released!  And Ferret Land 3D has been released!

Yeah we know we are a tad late on announcing this on our official site, but whatever--better soon than never, right?  Anyways go over to the Downloads tab or follow this link to download Patch5.2 for Ferret Land 3D.

Rundo 3D - PATCH 3.6

Rundo 3D Patch 3.6 has been publicly released.  Check out our Download Page for more info.

Rundo 3D - August 6

Coming August 6 guys!  Get Ready!  :D
Also check out the Trailer on our YouTube Channel!

New Soundtrack for Rundo 3D, Rundo 3D - Ferret Land, and Rundo 2!

SengirCoffin is doing the soundtracks for Rundo from now on.  Check out his YouTube Channel!  Hope you guys like!

New Site!

We have migrated from Webs (Being that our site will go down there on September 9) to Weebly.  We plan to add more content and make a better site for the Home of Rundo and Burly Barny as they deserve it.